First Steps

All I remember was this huge window and the family all gathered to see trough it the garden view. -My, I am sure that this could be some early child magnification of events-

-OH, look at that beautiful Robin on the left, by the pine tree, It’s gorgeous- Would be the typical comment followed by crowded nodding, line of bright smiles and silence.

But not in my head, and obviously not in my words. Why keep staring like some miraculous event a spring time bird that we don’t even know and have no relation to if there are those little brown birds that accompany us everyday, year round? To those we can relate and make connections, those are the ones that sing to us every morning until we awake.

That story ended in a smart short poem dedicated to me by a friend of the family, and well, not even ended right there…

As  history tells us that we evolve from one type of system towards an other, I was starting my life standing in the begining of a post modern system, full of human rights, equality, pluralism and environmentalism; not too much of an accomplishment for someone conceived starting 1969.